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There was once a time when fashion was a word associated merely with showbiz celebrities and movie stars who would flaunt their majestic beauty and style, making unique and trendy appearances as if they are divinely made personifications of beauty and charm.

The public, all awed, and enchanted and stupefied by their seemingly out of the world charisma, would do nothing but admire and drool over them.

Later, the fashion breeze started blowing over societies and gradually changing people's illusions about beauty and style, and as the silent revolution seeped into our cultures, it made the general public more concerned about their style and appearance.

It is for all those fashion enthusiasts and style aspirants that were always on the look out for glamour and quality, that we launched SaneShoppe in India, in response to the call of times and to satiate the common man’s demand for high end, glamorous and unique clothing and wardrobe essentials.

Initially, we started off with the outfits for various occasions, basic shoe range line-ups and other complementary items and accessories, and later extended our variety not only in terms of product line but by also reaching out to far off markets and extending our areas of operations all the way to the United Kingdom.

It is through the deliverance of promised quality and clothing options and wardrobe choices, as per the current fashion trends, that we made our mark not only in terms of business expansion but also by making a strong positioning in the audience's mind, making our brand synonymous with quality, affordability, style and comfort.

Today, SaneShoppe offers bespoke and high end, comfy and affordable clothing solutions and wardrobe essentials for people of all genders and age groups.

From the finely finessed formals to cool and trendy casuals, from warm and snug nightwear to stylish lounge wear, and from slippers and shoe ranges to sleeping bags, blankets and other wardrobe accessories, each individual range and line of products further extends to include a variety of designs, styles and patterns.

This wide and extensive myriad of options make us a handy and convenient one stop shop for all your needs and necessities, and that too at the ease of your desktop or smart phone.

Our websites serves as our online store and our instantly responsive customer service ensures that the customer receives a first hand and personalized service experience.

In addition to our service hallmarks, we made a notable addition into our business profile by making it into the Limca Book of Record, India, Alternative Records Co. UK, Guinness Book of World Records in the year 1999, by successfully attempting to make the biggest suitcase of the world, which was put up on display in the industrial exhibition in Vadodara, in Gujarat, India.

We aspire to excel in the industry with the same zeal and zest, creating new milestones with our exceptional products and services and providing an additional value to our customers to turn them into our most loyal clientele. It is this passion to make style, beauty and fashion accessible to everyone that keeps us motivated for growth and excellence.

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