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Bathrobes for Boys and Girls

What can make a kid more excited than a colorful bath tub full of water, with soap bubbles fluttering over the place, out in the garden on a bright sunny day?

Kids love to splash and play in water all day and as much as it is easy to get them all enthralled and ready to jump into the tub, it might turn out as quite a tedious task to get them out of water, and keep them dried and warm so they don’t catch up on cold.

SaneShoppe offers a range of snug and stylish bathrobes, lounge wears and gowns for your little grown-ups, when they head out of the shower or tired of the splash and splatter, to clad them in a loving warmth.

SaneShoppe’s range of kids’ bathrobes have been designed for the young, fragile and sensitive skin, and hence using the finest quality fleece and cotton that goes all nice and smooth and keeps the body warm. The fabric used is machine washable and stays smooth and soft even after multiple washes.

Our range of bath robes for kids is not exactly the good old granddad type; it comes in exquisite colors, prints and designs that is anything but boring and complements your kid with a young and vibrant appeal.

Designed with a finesse that speaks for the quality, the bathrobes feature long, plush cuffed sleeves, tie belt closures, hand warmer, patched, pocketed fronts, along with the bright textures, hues, prints and patterns – there are many reasons to make you fall in love with these robes.

Adorn them on their own or pair them up with flip flops or booties from our range of slippers, these bathrobes make a smart addition to your kids’ wardrobe essentials and is a good choice to make them lounge in style.

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