Baby Sleeping Bags

Are you one of those mothers who drape their babies in the blankets while laying them down for sleep, only to find the blanket lying far away in the middle of the night while they lay asleep all open and prone to the night chills? This is a regular headache for mums all over the world, that keeps them awake, all through the night to check if their baby is all warm and covered up properly.

A sleeping bag is the new sleeping essential that is cozy, comfortable and keeps your baby all cuddled up in its lovely warmth, and the best thing about them is that babies love them too! At Saneshoppe, we are changing the baby bedding rituals for good, bringing in an essence of aesthetics and creative innovation to help improve the way babies sleep.

Our range of sleeping bag is offered in an extensive choice of designs, colors and patterns, with quilted layers on top and underneath to ensure that the baby stays uniformly warm throughout the sleeping time. Perfect and suitable for infants and toddlers, these sleeping bags are convenient to carry your baby in, during holidays, while travelling or to be used in a cot.

With a sleeveless design, open zipper or buttoned front that widens to just the right size so that the baby can freely move his legs inside, these sleeping bags are multiple purpose for their obvious warm and comfy features, and also make changing easier during the night time. Moreover, they are made in the finest cotton and polyester material. This makes them conveniently machine washable.

Available in sizes ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 togs, these sleeping bags are custom designed in intricate patterns and details, appealing to the eyes, in a variety of little masculine and feminine prints for your little boy and baby girl.


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