Baby Blankets

Babies, especially those tiny little infants, spend most of their time sleeping and do not like it at all if their comfort is compromised. Also, they are much sensitive to temperature, environment and any disturbance or discomfort in their very proximity and if it happens, they might keep you awake all night, crying their lungs off on top of their voices.

So, that makes it even more challenging for young moms to choose infant essentials that are not just cute, but also warm and cozy and as per their baby’s preferences, for babies are quite picky when it comes to their personal essentials.

At SaneShoppe, we have a variety of baby comforters and blankets that are specially designed to go well with the fragile and sensitive baby skins and keep them cozy and comfortable all through the day. With that typical baby fragrance, these blankets are not only cute and adorable but also silky soft, made with the finest of threads to give it that perfect comfy texture, so that your baby can snuggle in to sleep, without testing your nerves.

Choosing the right blanket for your little angel is no more an exasperating task, for we have a variety of cotton, fleece and woolen variety, for day and night use and to complement various weather conditions. Starting from a size range 75X75 cm in double layered, mink fur, pitter-patter fully lined blankets, the ranges extends in size, color, material and usage variations.

Whether you want a light piece to drape around your newborn while bringing him home for the first time or want to make sure that they sleep through their infancy all warm and cozy, SaneShoppe has everything in store to match and complement your baby’s needs. Light weight, snug and silky soft, these baby blankets are available in a pastel and vibrant varieties, for various day time and occasional uses. 


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