Top 10 Tips for Spotting High-Quality Pyjamas
THOMAS V ⋅ Jun 05, 2023

Top 10 Tips for Spotting High-Quality Pyjamas


So you’ve finally decided to invest in quality sleepwear but don’t know how to ensure the pyjamas you’re buying are worth the price? Don’t worry – we have got you covered with this pyjama buying guide. Read on to find what defines the quality of pyjamas and how you can ensure buying good quality pyjamas every time:


What Defines the Quality of Pyjamas?


To an untrained eye, all pyjamas for men may look similar. From colour options to patterns, there isn’t a lot of variety in pyjamas for men. The stitching and sizing don’t vary a lot, either. So, what defines the quality of pyjamas?


Pyjamas for men fall into either or both of these categories: loungewear and sleepwear. Every individual has a particular preference regarding keeping their loungewear or sleepwear separate or wearing the same thing throughout the day. But no matter your preference, the pyjamas you buy must also fulfil all your requirements and perfectly fit your lifestyle, like other items in your wardrobe. Therefore, the best quality pyjamas fulfill all your requirements and are wearable for your routine life.


Here are some general requirements you can consider to find the best quality pyjamas for yourself:


What’s the Fabric?


The most common pyjama fabrics include cotton, silk, linen, fleece, and wool. However, cotton blend, cotton blend, and polyester pyjamas are also widely available.


To pick the right fabric for your needs, you must consider the seasons you live through. But even if you experience the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter like most people, you don’t have to buy specific pyjamas for each season. Instead, evaluate your needs for each season depending on your lifestyle and activities. For example, cotton pyjamas are wearable for most of the year. In winter, you can layer them with a fleece or wool robe as you lounge around the house. If you don’t enjoy layering or aren’t fond of heavy fabrics, you can consider cotton blend or thermal cotton pyjamas for winter instead.


However, polyester and cotton blends rarely make the best quality pyjamas. Due to polyester fibers, these fabrics can be uncomfortable. So for quality sleepwear, stick to pure and natural fabrics.

On the other hand, fleece is the best option for winter loungewear. Fleece also works well if you don’t want to limit pyjamas indoors.


How Does it Fit and Is it Your Style?


It is best to choose loungewear and sleepwear that is loose. Skin-tight clothes are uncomfortable and can feel restricting, especially when sleeping. Investing in the best quality pyjamas for men allows their body to rest better, and wearing tight and constricting clothing defeats the purpose. Though you must choose clothes that are relaxed fit, you can also opt for baggy shirts, especially for summer.


Double-check the sizes to ensure you buy the correct size when purchasing online. You don’t have to stick to your usual size. So size up for a baggy and comfortable look. However, the best quality pyjamas are always true to size or come with a size chart. Click here to shop premium-quality, true-to-size pyjamas for men online.


Picking the right style is also essential when investing in the best quality pyjamas. You don’t want to purchase something you don’t feel like wearing or that doesn’t make you feel your best. For example, many people don’t like collared shirts for pyjamas. Hence, you must analyze your style to choose the right pyjamas.


Don’t forget to choose the colours that look flattering on you. Prints and patterns on the pyjamas can also affect how they make you feel. Some people feel happier wearing pyjamas with bright and funky colours and patterns, while others feel more relaxed in muted colours with minimal or no print. You might also want to avoid trendy styles and stick to classic cuts that always stay on trend.


Can You Care for It?


It is no secret that the best quality pyjamas for men are made with natural fabrics like silk, linen, and cotton. However, caring for these pyjamas isn’t always the easiest.


Before purchasing pyjamas, ensure that you can and are willing to care for them. For example, a premium-quality silk pyjama set may require hand-washing only. But if you cannot find time or energy to hand-wash those pyjamas every week or so, you won’t be able to wear them often and get the return for your money’s worth. Similarly, if you don’t own or have access to a dryer, drying fleece and wool pyjamas will become a hurdle for you. Dyed cotton, linen, and silk pyjamas bleed colours when washed for the first time. Thus, you must remember to wash them separately to avoid ruining your other clothes.


Therefore, you must ensure that the pyjamas you purchase are easy to care for, i.e., wash and dry. You don’t want them to stay at the bottom of your laundry basket forever. If you spend most of your time home, such as working from home, you can also consider investing in resources that make caring for pyjamas easy.


The best quality pyjamas aren’t necessarily made of pure natural fabrics or that cost the highest. Instead, they are the ones that fit well, are most comfortable to wear, and are easy to care for. Only those pyjamas that check all these boxes for you will be the ones you wear in everyday life. You can also make finding the best quality pyjamas easier by avoiding pyjamas that don’t have their fabric details listed. You must also ensure that you don’t buy pyjamas dyed with sub-standard chemicals or have itchy fabric, as these will only be a waste of your money.


When buying online, avoid brands that don’t provide size charts. Online sellers who care about their customers provide a detailed description of the style and fit of pyjamas. This includes details like pockets, cut, and length and width of all parts of the clothing item. They also provide care instructions so you can care for and wear the pyjamas for years. Click here to purchase the best quality pyjamas for men online.

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