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Having played the fashion diva all day in your best outfits and perfect makeovers, it doesn’t make sense that you go to bed dressed up in rags. Especially when you are all tired and sleepy eyed, the best thing that you deserve in the wee hours of the night is a comfy and snazzy outfit to drape your achy-breaky body so you can drift into a deep, long slumber, all fresh to face the next day with vigor.

While you may have your focus set on getting the best Feng Shui arrangement for your room with appropriate bedding, lighting and temperature, we help ease down the other important element for you – your night time wear.

At SaneShoppe, we present an entire range of women's night wear line that extends from the trendy PJs to fleece overalls and from the ever popular onesies to stylish silk wear. But if you want to maintain the same elegance of a goddess that you carry all day at night time too, we suggest our silk kimono dressing gown is just the right thing for you.

Lightweight, soft, and silky smooth, the satin dressing gowns and Japanese kimono style body wraps and robes make for perfect lounge wear for the fashion frenetic who wish to look their best even while they are asleep. And because we believe that you deserve to sleep in elegance and style, we offer these gowns in an extended range of various deigns, cuts and patterns to match and suit your taste.

Try the bold and exotic indigo, or go for the mystic black, adorn yourself in the deep navy blue or carry the vibrancy of floral printed numbers, each and every single piece included in the SaneShoppe's kimono range is a masterpiece in its own right, adding an extra dab to your natural audacity and helping you lounge all draped in stylish sophistication.

With hand warmer pockets, hoods or no hoods and with plush and fluffy cuffed sleeves, and with belted waist, SaneShoppe's kimono range is the right thing to treat yourself, when you are done with the day’s chores and long for a serene and solacing me time.

SaneShoppe’s kimono range is made in the finest material to ensure that it does not go too rough and harsh on your skin, and rather clad you in smooth and lovely silky warmth. Made in the finest quality, 100% pure polyester Charmeuse Silk and Satin, these gowns are not only an emblem of timeless sophistication but also maintain an ideal body temperature through its snug and cozy warmth.

In varying lengths and in a range of designs and cuts to match all sizes and body shapes, SaneShoppe's kimono range extends from exotic, bold prints, to deep and mystical plain colors, and from plush and furry umbers to exquisitely embroidered variety, the collection is wide enough to get you confused over choosing one from other and every single number would win your hearty with its beautiful cuts, designs and elegance.


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